About BOI

The Baltic Olympiad in Informatics (BOI) is a programming contest for secondary school students. It started in 1995 with only 3 participating countries and grew substantially over the years. Now BOI encompasses about 60 participants from 9 countries situated around the Baltic Sea. Each country is invited to send up to 6 participants to the Olympiad, and the host country usually sends two teams.

BOI follows the competition format of the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). It consists of several challenging algorithmic tasks which must be solved individually during 2 competition rounds each lasting 5 hours. Students can write their programs in C, C++ or Pascal programming languages. During each round their programs are evaluated automatically, scoring points for efficiency and correctness.

This similarity between BOI and IOI is intentional, as for many participants BOI is a bridge between national Olympiads organised in their home country and the International Olympiads in Informatics. In BOI these students have a chance to get their the first experience of participating in a cosy, small but yet international event. Here they can find out to some extent what they will experience when they go to IOI. This is one of important goals of BOI.

BOI History

Year Location Countries
2013 Rostock, Germany 9
2012 Ventspils, Latvia 9
2011 Lyngby, Denmark 8
2010 Tartu, Estonia 9
2009 Stockholm, Sweden 8
2008 Gdynia, Poland 9
2007 G├╝strow, Germany 9
2006 Heinola, Finland 9
2005 Pasvalys, Lithuania 8
2004 Ventspils, Latvia 8
2003 Tartu, Estonia 7
2002 Vilnius, Lithuania 8
2001 Sopot, Poland 8
2000 Haninge, Sweden 7
1999 Riga, Latvia 7
1998 Tartu, Estonia 5
1997 Vilnius, Lithuania 4
1996 Riga, Latvia 3
1995 Tartu, Estonia 3